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Attention: This description is created for final release,so you may not see some features.

Release will be created for Beta 1.Now you have to download source and build the application.

Project Description
Fix soft CloudGround is a Wallpaper manager that supports both online and offline mode.It can find wallpapers by keywords,filter them by keywords,resolution,ratio and download them from different sources (Flickr,WallBase,ReWalls,GoogleImages,…).It uses these downloaded wallpapers and local ones to change wallpaper.It is developed by C#,VB.Net,WPF.It requires .Net 3.5.

Offline Mode:

Program uses downloaded wallpapers and user specified wallpapers (files,folders).It is a complete wallpaper manager in offline mode and you don’t need to use any other application.

Online Mode:

Program download wallpapers from different sources (Flickr,WallBase,ReWalls,GoogleImages,…) automatically.You can use filter keywords to filter unwanted wallpapers.You can set resolution (support “Exactly,At least,At Most,…” ) and ratio.You can choose layout of wallpaper (“Fill,Stretch,Tile,Cnter,Zoom,…”) and you can set wallpaper  as logon image (I’m not sure about this part,I didn’t write this).You can use your native language for keywords (still under development).If you want to enable this option,check “Force program to translate search keywords and filter keywords,even when language of my program is English.”

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